Edmund Fitzgerald - Author

I feel strongly that you should be seeking publication for this novel. I sincerely, wish you lots of luck with it all and look forward to buying a copy one day!

I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this submission. I would go as far as saying that it is one of the best I’ve read in all my years working with BubbleCow.

Your narrative is carefully controlled, full of confidence and has left me desperately searching for negatives for this report.

I have approached the edit with a critical eye, very aware that it needs to be the best it can possibly be, but I honestly feel that you’ve created an original and utterly impressive narrative.

This chapter has left me feeling emotional. Utterly controlled and crafted. I had worried about stepping out of the tension of the timeline, but this chapter is breath-taking.


Again, a strong chapter that weaves together the narrative threads. This is confident writing that speaks of experience. I have very little to fault. Structurally, this is an impressive narrative.

A clever and controlled ending to what has been a highly crafted novel that speaks of experience.

Your writing is full of heart and speaks of an experienced writer. Utterly impressed and thoroughly enjoyed editing your work. Thank you!

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BubbleCow :  Editor of The AQALAN Initiative

Overall a strong, crafted narrative that evokes reaction. There is confidence and originality leaping from the pages. The story is utterly engaging and was a pleasure to edit.