Edmund Fitzgerald - Author



With Osama bin Laden dead and the Arab Spring in the ascendancy, al Qaeda splits into two factions.


There may be a more intelligent way to Islamicise the decadent West but could the AQALAN Initiative be strangled at birth by a seemingly innocuous spat between two men attending a sevillanas dance class in south London?

The AQALAN Initiative is a work of contemporary fiction consisting of 117,000 words.


The script uses several POVs to accentuate the light and dark components of a story whose writing style is heavily influenced by such bitter/sweet offerings as Aravind Adiga´s The White Tiger and Vikas Swarup´s Q&A.


The weight of the prose is angled towards readers of the Ben Elton / Nick Hornby genre who might appreciate a highly topical storyline, some historical context and a generous helping of traditional Andalusian culture thrown into the mix.



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