Edmund Fitzgerald - Author



When justice fails the people, the people turn to YCU.


Against a background of economic collapse, high unemployment and gloomy news in general, there are some who take their priveleged position to the extreme, urinate over us once more and walk away laughing. No retribution. No redress.


Until now, that is.

Your ComeUppance is a work of contemporary fiction consisting of 77,000 words.


The script employs an omniscient POV and is written in the style of such bitter/sweet offerings as Aravind Adiga´s The White Tiger and Vikas Swarup´s Q&A.


The weight of the prose is angled towards readers of the Ben Elton / Nick Hornby genre who might appreciate a highly topical storyline. The author has no doubt that the content of YCU will strike a chord with many who are struggling to make ends meet in a world populated by far too many egocentrics and charlatans.


Unless the politicians and those in the justice system get a grip, the story of YCU may well become prophetic.



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