Edmund Fitzgerald - Author

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They say, don´t they, that a man should accomplish three things before he meets his maker; produce a child, plant a tree and write a book. I think I must have planted a few trees in my old school days although I can´t say I have ever been eager to produce a sprog. In my own mind, however, I have achieved balance by writing two books (so far) instead of one. I trust that God - if He did exist - might see where I´m coming from.




With a lot of blood sweat and tears  ... and more than four years of my life. That´s how.

AQALAN alone took 18 months of writes and rewrites plus 12 months of editing, reediting ... and editing again.

For the technically minded amongst you, I used a number of aids (besides beer and coffee) during the lengthy editing stages. These aids including AutoCrit Editing Wizard, Grammarly Grammar Checker and NaturalVoice Speech Reader (thanks to robot voice Paul).

Of course, software can only take you so far ... so add another six critical manual reviews to the above.

Edmund Fitzgerald (Greenwich, London) began his professional life as a trainee accountant for an emblematic, though now defunct, airline. He spent the next quarter of a century gnawing his way up the corporate food chain, ascending to the agreeable billet of country manager to the Spanish branch of a successful software house. Having honed his creative writing talents on a myriad of mellifluous emails, inspired management reporting and imaginatively worded submissions as to why sales targets were not being met, Edmund decided to go the whole hog and immerse himself full-time in the world of fiction writing.


Your ComeUppance and The AQALAN Initiative are the first novels to hit the virtual bookshelves. An inveterate World Nomad, Edmund counts Spain, Hong Kong and Thailand as his homes over the past 22 years.

And finally, due to the precarious and mostly impecunious nature of his new-found profession, the author has redoubled his resolve not to marry, not to have kids, and not to own a Mercedes.


Both The AQALAN Initiative and Your ComeUppance (YCU) are written with the same style but they touch on vastly different subjects.

If you seek a good story with plot, intrigue and suspense against a backdrop of Sevilla, the sevillanas dance and a fair dose of history on the Muslim grievance surrounding al-Andalus (Spain), AQALAN is for you.

If you´d like to know how society gets its own back on greedy bankers, fraudulent fund managers, overpaid footballers and other assorted lowlifes, then Your ComeUppance will be a good read.


Both my novels were almost exclusively written in the reading room at Madrid´s Biblioteca Nacional (Central Library). Fantastic facilities. Thank you Madrid.

The editing process took place between London, Madrid and Thailand.